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We specialize in growing and hybridizing premium lilies.

Lilies are the most regal of all flowers-true garden aristocrats.  Stunning in cut arrangements, potted, naturalized or in formal gardens, lilies are favorites of florists, landscape designers and home gardeners alike.  Lilies are as easy to grow as any other perennial if you select varieties that are suited to your growing region and follow a few simple rules.  Your garden can have lilies in bloom from May through September.

Types of lilies and their average bloom time:

  • Martagon Lilies, which also love the filtered sun/shade, bloom in late May and through the month of June.
  • Asiatic Lilies, hardy and easy to grow, begin blooming at the end of June and extend their bloom through July
  • LA Lilies, (longiflorum x asiatic) with their huge flowers, bloom from late June through July.
  • Oriental Lilies, shorter lived in Minnesota but still lend a lot of beauty and outstanding fragrance to the garden, bloom throughout August.
  • Orienpet Lilies, a cross of fragrant Oriental Lilies and Trumpet Lilies, bloom from mid July to late August
  • Trumpet Lilies, bloom from late July to mid August.
  • Species Lilies, found around the world growing in the wild, can be found blooming throughout the entire blooming season, depending on the variety
  • AOA,

TRIBAL DANCE - Heavily spotted blend of maroon, yellow and soft pink

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